10: People power: the Pymmes BrookERS

“It’s like getting to know a person, but one who can’t speak. We felt we had to be advocates for [the] river”

This week, we join Dan and Jayne in conversation with Alison Archer from the Pymmes BrookERS: a group of community volunteers working together to restore their local waterways. Working in conjunction with our local Trust Thames21, the Pymmes BrookERS have made a huge impact on their local environment. The creation of Broomfield Park Wetland—a gorgeous, biodiverse wetland in the centre of Enfield—has been one of their crowning achievements. Tune in to find out more about how communities can come together to restore the natural world.

This podcast follows on from episode 8: Why wetlands? You don’t need to have heard episode 8 to enjoy this episode, but it provides more background if you are interested.

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