70: #70 Best Bird Moments from 2019

In episode 70, I take a look back on the casual birding moments that filled me with joy during 2019. Listeners share their favourite birding moments too.

Episodes from 2019 that are referred to:

#59 Mark Carwardine Watching whales in Baja California


#61 Backyard birds of Baja California


#64 Mark Gagliardi Bird Walk at Lake Arrowhead


#67 IPM2019 San Diego Bird Walk


#68 Isle of Wight bird walk with Keiron Lee Vine


#69 Stephanie Seymour There Are Birds




Keiron Lee Vine’s book, Birding Moments – Haiku from the Coast is available from:



Stephanie Seymour’s album There Are Birds is available from:



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