Green recovery challenge

Green recovery challenge

The government’s [Green recovery challenge]( has provided funding for a number of green projects.

I tried to find a list of who got funded, but I haven’t yet found a complete list.

Here’s the funded projects I did find for those interested:

* [Buglife](
* [Butterfly conservation](
* [Groundwork](
* [PECT’s forest for Peterborough](
* [Few listed in this article](
* [Cornwall seal group research trust](
* [Green light trust](
* [Couple of projects in Dorset]( | [more](
* [Somerset ‘level up’ project](
* [North York Moors](
* [Norfolk rivers trust](
* [Lancashire wildlife trust]( | [More](
* [Morcambe Bay woodlands project](
* [Heart of England forest](
* [The tree council](
* [Lincolnshire rivers trust](
* [Enfield woodland restoration](
* [Woodland trust](
* [Plantlife](

[RSPB article](

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