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This is a lovely wood which ticks so many boxes for the small woodland owner or someone interested in family forestry. It has been designated as ancient semi natural woodland which is evident in the wonderful variety of long established broadleaf trees thriving here, a good defence against the inroads of any particular tree disease. In addition, it’s level throughout and the access is fantastically easy, directly off a minor public road and over an excellent, recently constructed stone track.

The diversity of species and the presence of a stream running through the larger woodland as well as the small boggy pond area in the northeastern corner of Hondy Wood provides great habitat for so much wildlife and birdlife.

There are pretty views out over surrounding fields and copses to the west, north and east while it borders more woodland to the south/south east.

The purchasers of the woodland will be asked to enter into a covenant to ensure the quiet and peaceful enjoyment of adjoining woodlands and meadows.


An interesting varied range of broadleaf specimens, notably some lovely mature and well grown oak, some of which could, if desired, be nurtured and cropped individually later as valuable timber.

Ash and birch are also present, and an understory of hazel and alder, some of which has been previously coppiced, providing an opportunity to bring this coppice back into rotation. Coppice rotation is an underused method of woodland management these days but its beneficial to the biodiversity of the woodland as well as being a small scale economic generator.

There is a smattering of Douglas fir throughout the northern third of the wood and also a couple of lovely specimen Scots pine near the entrance to the wood, one of our few native conifers.


Deer spoor has been spotted in the woodland, and also there is a known nesting spot for a tawny owl.


Towards the north eastern boundary the ground dips away into a natural depression forming a small pond and boggy area which could be enlarged to create a more substantial pond, always a huge attraction to passing birds and all wildlife, big and small.

Access, tracks and footpaths

There is an excellent track giving access to Hondy Wood from the main entrance gate which opens directly off the minor public road, meaning that 2 wheel drive access is possible all year round.

There are no public footpaths running through Hondy Wood or the larger woodland.

Rights and covenants

The purchasers of the woodland will be asked to enter into a covenant to ensure the quiet and peaceful enjoyment of adjoining woodlands and meadows.

Local area and history

The pretty church of Orcop has an unusual tower the lower level of which is supported on four enormous oak trunks acting as beams. Who knows if perhaps they originated from Hondy Wood…?

St Michael’s church in the nearby village of Garway is one of only six Knights Templar churches still in regular use, the church and lands being given over to the Knights Templar during the reign of Henry II in around 1170. It has a great square tower, used not only as a refuge for villagers escaping from marauders from over the border (!) in years gone by, but also it seems as a prison, and the ground floor of the tower is still called the prison to this day.

You are welcome to visit this wood
by yourself, but please ensure that you have a copy of these sales details with you – many
of our woodlands do not have mobile phone
reception or internet access so we recommend either printing the details or downloading them
to your phone/tablet/laptop.

Do remember to also check that it is still available for sale.
If you have seen the woodland and wish to be accompanied on a second more detailed visit
please contact our local manager.

Print these sales details

Download these sales details


From Abergavenny or from Hereford take the A465 either north or south depending.

–From the south, turn off the A465 just after Pontrilas heading east, signposted to Orcop, or Bagwyllydiart.

–From Hereford travel approximately 9.6 miles to Wormbridge, left turn for Bagwyllydiart, continue to the T junction and turn right and continue to the next T junction and turn left.

Continue along this road until you reach the gated entrance to the larger woodland known as Pokes Hole & Hondy Wood on your left, marked by a Woodlands for sale sign.

Park at the gate and please continue on foot through the larger woodland until you come to the entrance to Hondy Wood on your left, marked by a wooden name board and a Woodlands for Sale board. Please note, the pedestrian gate is secured with a combination lock: please contact us for the combination.

–Travelling from the east, the M50 terminates at Ross on Wye, approximately 10 miles east of the woodland. From Ross take the A49 towards Hereford.

After Michaelchurch and before Harewood End, approx 4 miles, take the left towards Orcop or Bagwyllydiart (Not the A4137).

After 5 miles approximately the entrance to the woodland will be on your right, marked by a Woodlands for sale sign.

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