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Wildlife web site design Abergavenny. South Wales

I’d like to give a big shout out to web design and SEO company based in Abergavenny, South Wales. Ypraise.com is our web developer and they are an excellent company to work with. They have decades of years of experience putting web projects together.

Wildlife News has worked with Y Praise since the start almost 25 years ago. They have the experience needed to work with various API’s and customising WordPress for a range of different projects. Based in the heart of Wales the company offers a great service for many different businesses of all sizes.

Affordable web design for wildlife and environmental. groups

Are you a wildlife or nature company that needs help and advice with your web site and digital marketing? Then get in touch with Y Praise for value for money expertise. They can help with custom coding, search engine optimisation (SEO), digital marketing and forecasting trends.

They are happy to spend time listening to what you want to achieve through your web site and find solutions to make it happen. 

One of the best things about working with a developer with so much experience is that their hourly rate may be higher than many, the speed at which they can work means that the total cost is generally lower than many inexperienced developers.

Ultimately, any business or charity has to spend their money wisely and it’s a question of getting the right balance between cheapness and experience. Going for a cheap developer can often lead to poor quality security on websites and an increased risk of being hacked. THat’s not a good option or good public relations for any wildlife and conservation organisation.

Abergavenny wildlife web designerBasic to complex web projects

For a basic web site that has limited customisation, you can expect to pay about £500.00 for a web site and blog. Having a blog option is the best way to help boost your rankings in search. It is also the best way to keep your supporters informed about things that are happening in the organisation.

As well as web design and maintaining web sites Y Praise Digital also are very experienced at tackling hacked web sites. This is never a good thing to happen to any site, let alone a wildlife or conservation charity site. Poor security and lack of knowledge of the weaknesses of WordPress can often lead to malicious ads being inserted into WordPress and other websites. 

WordPress training company

With nearly 25 years of experience, Y Praise is well versed in tackling this sort of issue. They are experienced at cleaning up and securing sites to prevent the hackers from getting back into the site.

Another thing that we love about Y Praise Digital is that they offer WordPress and digital marketing training. As a qualified adult education tutor, Kevin, will often provide one on one personal tuition. He also regularly does in-house tuition for charities and businesses who need to get their staff trained in how to write blog posts that are effective, engaging and also good for search engines.

Web designer in Abergavenny

There is no doubt that Abergavenny is a great place to work as a web designer. It is a rural market town, though it is growing rapidly. It offers good connections to all the major commercial areas of South Wales and South West England. 

Spending a day programming or developing a web site can be tiring on the brain. Having the Brecon Beacons just a short walk away is a wonderful opportunity to relax and destress after a hard day. It keeps the mind fresh and open to inspiring new web technologies.

If you’re looking for an effective and friendly web site then I would strongly suggest with having a chat with Kevin over at Y Praise Digital. He is more than happy to discuss and sort out any internet-related questions you may have.


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