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about Wildife News and our history

Wildlife News has been online since 1995 in one form or another. For the first 3 years it was mainly about local wildlife in Wolverhampton. It was just a local wildlife blog by Kevin Hearth after completing his Applied Science degree at Wolverhampton University.

It soon grew to cover international stories and was a leading source of infomation for wildlife issues that spanned across the world.

From breaking the news on the King of Spain going elephant hunting while head of the WWF Spain – he eventually resigned from the post – through to breaking the infamous ‘stolen bees’ of Sweden – when British ecologist wanted to relocate some rare bees of Sweden back to the UK. Wildlife News was at the forefront of news gathering for wildlife and environmental stories.

Wildlife News was the first UK publication to break the news of UN Peacekeepers refusing to help wildlife rangers who had been ambushed by a poaching gang in the Congo – resulting in the deaths of 12 wildlife rangers. 

Over 20 years or so of news there’s been many interesting stories that went viral – from Indian politicians putting bounties onto the heads of poachers to wildlife rangers so poorly paid and equipped that they had to hunt wildlife for food and went up against highly armed poachers with nothing but a stick and not even having boots for their feet.

At the time the site was funded by commission from Amazon and Adsense. Sadly though during the 2010’s both Amazon and Google Adsense slashed their payouts to content providers and this made it financially unviable to continue and over time Wildlife News was updated less and less as funds were no longer available to cover my time. Over a span of about 5 years the income dropped from a couple of thousand a month to barely making £100. Clearly the site had become unviable and so was effectively taken offline as it no longer funded even it’s hosting and bandwidth fees.

Now I’ve relaunched Wildlife News as an ecommerce site selling items to help people enjoy and experience nature. While I’m no longer writing blogs and news articles on wildlife I will be looking for great value ites to sell on the Wildlife News web site.

Over time there will be a growing range of items – from binoculars to bird food – that will help your to get out and explore nature or even help to support nature in your own backyard.


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