February 2020 will see Wildlife News celebrating 20 years of wildlife on the web. The site has been going longer than that under a different name when we concentrated on local wildlife in Wolverhampton. But for 20 years we’ve taken a larger look at wildlife including reporting on international wildlife issues.

Now we’re concentrating solely on UK nature and wildlife news again. 2020 will see a redesign of the website to celebrate our 20th anniversary. Part of that redesign is offering advertising and sponsored posts.

Advertise in Wildlife News with one of these four opportunities.

Display Adverts

We sell display advertising in 1,000 impression blocks. Currently, we add an additional 20% of impressions onto your order. This means when you buy 1,000 impressions we set your countdown to 1,200 impressions. This is to offset non-UK visitors. 80% of our web visitors are from the UK or UK dependencies such as Jersey and Gibraltar. The 20% boost to your impressions is a way of mitigating against non-UK visitors. We keep this figure under monthly review.

Header Billboard – 970px x 250px  Cost £25.00 CPM (1,000 impressions) order now.

After Content Billboard – 970px x 250px  Cost £13.00 CPM (1,000 impressions) order now

Sidebar 01 rectangle or square  – 300px x 250px or 300px x 300px Cost £10.00 CPM (1,000 impressions) order now

Sidebar 02 rectangle or square sticky – 300px x 250px or 300px x 300px Cost £12.00 CPM (1,000 impressions)  order now


Sponsored posts

You can publish a sponsored post into our WildNews feed for a cost of £25.00 per post. We allow no more than 2 active follow links in each post. After the first 2 links, all following links are marked as nofollow.

This facility will be offered shortly. We only accept sponsored posts with wildlife or environmental theme.