27 Sep 2019 Young people call for climate action Young people staged two days of global climate strikes to urge world le…

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The strikes were timed at the beginning and end of a UN Climate Summit in New York.

At WWT wetland centres, volunteers chatted with visitors and handed out recyclable stickers made at a factory powered by 100% renewable energy. WWT supporters attended rallies at Belfast, London, Bristol and Stroud in Gloucestershire to give their backing to young activists.

Staff from WWT and sister organisation Wetland Link International on the march in Stroud

WWT’s message reaches Westminster

WWT supporters in Belfast

WWT’s wetland conservation work helps tackle climate change because wetlands store up to three times more carbon than forests, and help buffer us from floods and drought.

WWT Chief Executive Martin Spray said:

“We stand alongside the young people of the world because we, the adults, create the world they will inherit.

“They are giving us a strong, clear message. Enough is enough. We need to hear that message and amplify it.

“We all need to do more to tackle the climate emergency. At WWT, that means creating and improving entire landscapes to store carbon and buffer us from extreme weather. But also making individual actions and changes to our lives. Young people are showing us we can all make a difference.”

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