Autumn Wildlife Tips from CJ Wildlife

30/09/2019 0 By wildfeed

This month, CJ Wildlife – Europe’s leading garden wildlife specialist and Froglife partner are reminding us that all of our gardens, no matter what size, can become bustling nature reserves for our local wildlife.

From country hedgerows to inner-city railway cuttings, birds will be making the most of autumn’s bounty. In some areas the pickings can be so rich that your feeding stations will be less frequently visited for a short while. This is what has become known as the “October Gap” and is perfectly natural, but still continue to provide food should the weather take a turn for the worse. If you plan to do maintenance and cleaning or make alterations to your feeding station there is no better time than this.

Figure 1: Cleaning bird box

The end of October is also a good time to clean out your nest boxes and put up any new boxes. As well as increasing the chances of the nest box being used again next spring, removing old nests and their attendant parasites makes life a little easier for any birds that use the nest box as a winter roost.

At this time of year other garden wildlife will already be preparing for winter. Bats will be looking for hibernation sites and becoming torpid for progressively longer periods as the temperatures start to drop.  Hedgehogs will be looking for hibernation sites, building winter nests and trying to build up reserves of body fat before they finally enter hibernation. You can help them by providing a regular source of specialist food and siting a Hedgehog House in a quiet, undisturbed corner.  Amphibians will also be looking for a safe place in which to await the spring.  Male common frogs tend to hibernate in ponds but for other amphibians, undisturbed areas of long grass with refuges such as log piles or our Vierno Froglü hibernation shelter.

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