Beardies..Leighton Moss..October 2019

03/11/2019 0 By wildfeed

It had been a number of years since I had first photographed Bearded Tits at Leighton Moss.They are a very elusive bird to see and early Autumn is one of the best times to see them.In the Autumn their diet changes from insects to the seeds of the common reeds where they spend most of their lives.The true name of these lovely birds is bearded reedling,although they don’t really sport a beard ,the handsome male bird has more of a moustache.

The RSPB put grit out onto bird tables adjoining the reed beds so that the birds have easy access.A viewing platform is also in place to enable photographers and birdwatchers to get close views of the birds.The birds tend to visit the grit trays in the morning and it is best to be in position early to get good views.I made a couple of visits in October on dry and sunny days.On the first visit wellies were in order to reach the viewing platform as much of Leighton Moss was under water.

After a wait of an hour or so the first of the birds appeared around 9am.From then on until I left around 10.30am the birds showed well and everybody present had excellent views and the photographers went away happy with full memory cards.Some of my better efforts are shown below of the birds and the scene at the viewing platform.Thanks for looking in and hope you enjoy the images of these very special birds.