By Recent Standards….A Nice Day.

15/10/2019 0 By wildfeed
Weather-wise a nice day, if there’s not even a hint of a breeze at Cockersand it’s certainly a nice day, but a couple of bod’s out on Plover Scar meant the end of any chance of a roost, but n’er mind, there’s more to Cockersand than a high tide roost. And anyway….why wasn’t I out looking for Yellow-browed Warblers!
On Cockerham Sands/Cocker Estuary, a conservative estimate was of 3,500 Wigeon, with an excellent count of up to 1,250 Curlew, 2 Bar-tailed Godwit, 275 Shelduckand 3 Great-crested Grebe, there was no significant numbers of uncounted Redshank and DunlinI was impressed by 25 Greenfinch flighty around the Bank Houses area, a sample of 18 Skylark which I could hear during my time at Cockersand, they were heading SW towards Pilling, also 15 Meadow Pipit, a Wren was around the abbey ruins and 2 Grey Plover were on the shore below the headland, c.250 Pink-footed Geese went over SW, and 8 Little Egret were in fields with 82 Curlew around Abbey Farm. 

Although c.750 Golden Plover were on the mud below Colloway Marsh, the Lune Estuary was otherwise pretty quiet, but 155 Dunlin noted, with 24 Curlew, 12 Wigeon, and the Black Swan emerging from the Conder Estuary. Conder Pool was equally quiet, with a roost of 6 Greenshank and just 10 Little Grebe seen today. In the creeks, 120 Teal, 4 Little Grebe, 2 Goosander, and 15 Goldfinch flighty as ever over the marsh.

Giant House Spider Tegenaria duellica Pete Woodruff Clik the pik

No appropriate piks for the post again, but thought you would like to see this beauty in our house recently, the coin for scale is a two pence piece. KT wasn’t too keen on it staying here, so we decided to eject it from the living room and into the garden….Hope this wasn’t a fatal decision for the spider, after all it is a House Spider.