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Frige Wood in East Anglia, Barham, Ipswich, Suffolk – £63000 – About 4 ¼ acres

07/10/2019 0 By wildfeed

Frige Wood

Frige Wood is a wonderfully secluded semi-mature mixed area of natural woodland.

Access is via an excellent stone track suitable for most vehicles. On arriving at Frige Wood you feel a sense of calm that comes from being surrounded by nature. The woodland has a wide area of grass to the west which is a favorite place for deer to graze.

A herd of fallow deer frequent the larger area of woodland of which Frige Wood forms part. Other wildlife often seen include foxes and badgers whilst above in the canopy it is home to owls, buzzards and woodpeckers to name but a few.

For those that enjoy actively managing their woodland the ash trees will make fantastic firewood and the wood would benefit from these being thinned and replaced with perhaps oak or hornbeam. Additionally an area of established hazel stands could be coppiced which will provide a source of material for green woodcraft.

Should the owner desire then a small glade could easily be created, this would then create an ideal camping area hidden away within the woodland. Alternatively for those who prefer a more laid back approach simply sit back and relax and let nature take care of the woodland.

Suffolk was the heartland of the English Saxons and Frige was the godess of marriage, child-birth and the home. She was also a goddess of the earth and the harvest, and was married to Woden. Her sacred animal was the stork. The constellation in the stars known as ‘Orion’s Belt’ is sometimes called ‘Frige’s Distaff’. She was such an important god to the Saxons that she was given a day each week. This was Friday which means ‘Frige’s Day’.

The woodland is only five miles north from the town of Ipswich and a short distance from both the A12 and A14 however feels very rural and offers owners a perfect countryside retreat.

Particulars and plans were prepared by our local manager, Matt Marples

The purchasers of the woodland will be asked to enter into a covenant to ensure the quiet and peaceful enjoyment of adjoining woodlands and meadows.