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raise money to save hedgehogsOur 2019 Christmas appeal this year is to raise funds to buy 100 sacks of hedgehog food for local hedgehog hospitals. Please help with a small donation. Together we can help hedgehogs survive the winter months.

Many volunteer wildlife rescuers are currently very busy with lots of under-nourished juvenile hedgehogs. A mild year means many hedgehogs have had 2 litters. Those hoglets born in the autumn have not had a chance to put on weight to hibernate.

Holly Ferns of Hutton Roof and how they are fairing 30th November 2019

01/12/2019 0 By wildfeed

Inspiration gained from my friend Richard Bate kindly inviting me to join him in search of our beautiful HOLLY FERNS of Hutton Roof, unable to make it on Friday but certainly took advantage of checking them yesterday (Saturday)….

 Holly Fern No. 1 (Polystichum lonchitis) in regular viewing mode and taken from above.
Photo: 30th November 2019
This is the more regular photo view which most people like to see and typical of what you might expect of the Holly Fern growing “off vertical”

 Holly Fern No. 1 ((Polystichum lonchitis) taken from another angle 
Photo: 30th November 2019
Why I like this photo is that I have been wondering for the past two years why has Holly Fern No.1 only got 8 fronds (2018/2019) were it always used to have 9 fronds.  Well maybe mystery solved! by looking at this angle I can see yet another frond tucked under the limestone to the top right hand with just half of the pinnae on show. Never noticed this until I got home and checked through the individual photos.
Holly Fern No. 1 (Polystichum lonchitis)
Photo: 30th November 2019
I like this photo and have included because for me it shows a good curvature line on the left hand, still in good condition for the time of year.

 Holly Fern No.1(Polystichum lonchitis)
Photo taken 30th November 2019
This photo shows the sori on the underside of the frond
Holly Fern No.2 (Polystichum lonchitis) with its full compliment of 8 fronds
plus two remnant fronds belonging to the aculeatum…
Photo taken: 30th November 2019
Lovely to see this particular fern. Always shows to be a much smaller version of Holly Fern if you take into comparison its neighbour only 40 yards away (Holly Fern No. 1 shown above).   This one never gets the same length always some 4″ shorter together with the much narrower of fronds. Now the leaves have almost disappeared from the nearby hazel tree which sort of hides the fern during the summer months, and now it has become obviously more exposed and in most years (not all) will be discovered by the passing Roe Deer who will nibble it to the core and one day you may get a shock to see it has gone, but look carefully and you will see the base of the fronds which deery has left us for it to generate for another year…

Holly Fern No. 2 (Polystichum lonchitis)
Shows the spent sori on the underside of the frond
Shows Holly Fern No.2 (Polystichum lonchitis) with nearby Hazel which guards it during the summer months
Photo: 30th November 2019.

 Green Spleenwort (asplenium viride)
Photo: 30th November 2019

Whilst up there I just had to call into Viride Motherland! to check all the small colonies and make sure they too are all OK and yes they are all doing fine

Green Spleenwort (asplenium viride)
Photo: 30th November 2019

Whilst up there I just had to call into Viride Motherland! to check all the small colonies and make sure they too are all OK and yes they are all doing fine

This below is some of the stuff, I felt compelled to write in my notebook whilst walking the lower Crags today. A bit about this and a bit about that….

Redwing in the Crags (being disturbed they moved across – not altogether but in singles and pairs)

I heard the rare Redwing roost call,
In the Crags, without bags
No! Number 15 theres been,
munching the reds so bright, sunlight,
Still going past maybe now twenty
made the entry and crossed the sunlitten blue sky,
bye bye!

Time is when! (opinion formed on half a tale)

They only have time to listen to some of a story
and from that their opinion is formed,
It doesnt matter who reads it,
What matters is they find it!
to read, the seed…

Nature awareness!

Learning whats about

will save  you the doubt.. Source