Keeper Vacancy

15/06/2019 0 By wildfeed
A vacancy has arised, arosed?.. become available and so we are currently looking for a new keeper to join our team here at the Centre. Can you train a badger to take a photo?…
Or an owl to tune a guitar?..

Can you master the art of a duel?..

and are you not afraid to work at great heights?..

Do you have the expertise to fill a water bowl with water?..

Do you love nothing more than picking up shi.., er, cleaning up animal droppings no matter the weather?..

Would you be able to survive a day being around this lot?..

If you can answer yes to all the above, or at least the last three things, have a passion for British wildlife, a relevant level 3 animal management/zoology qualification or above and are interested in the position… then head over to our website for more information on the role, and how to apply.