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raise money to save hedgehogsOur 2019 Christmas appeal this year is to raise funds to buy 100 sacks of hedgehog food for local hedgehog hospitals. Please help with a small donation. Together we can help hedgehogs survive the winter months.

Non-native species: apply for a licence to release them (A03 and LR03)

15/11/2019 0 By wildfeed

Published 28 February 2014
Last updated 15 November 2019 + show all updates

  1. 15 November 2019 Removed grey squirrels and muntjac deer from this licence. Use licence IAS A01 to move or keep these non-native animals for welfare purposes.
  2. 8 December 2017 Updated to include information on releasing beavers into secured enclosures.
  3. 13 May 2016 EU regulation change: restriction to 1 year on a licence to release grey squirrel and munjac deer.
  4. 13 May 2015 Added revised application form and new licence report form.
  5. 28 February 2014 First published.