Swan Lake

27/10/2019 0 By wildfeed

The title of a very well known ballet but this last week or so I have had my own versions of Swan Lake.Following the recent persistent daily and heavy rain the fields have been like inland lakes.Particularly around the Pilling and Nateby areas.These flooded fields have attracted many whooper swans from Iceland.The whoopers can be seen most winters in this area where they feed on the left over potatoes.So far this Autumn however there has been too much water in the fields.They have obviously found vegetation to feed on and a few hundred swans could be seen swimming and grazing on the favoured fields.

Following the rain there were some nice sunny afternoons and I enjoyed driving round the quiet country lanes photographing these lovely visitors from Iceland.Also present were a few Mute Swans and three black swans enjoying the company of their relatives from far away.I have shown some images below of the action.Hope you enjoy these images from Swan Lake.There is now a spell of settled weather forecast and I think some of the many swans will depart for Martin Mere where they will enjoy daily feeds and the company of many other whoopers here for the Winter months.Thanks for looking in and I will be back soon with more wildlife.