Tales from the Trail: St Kilda

26/09/2019 0 By wildfeed

The sea kayakers got on the water after a warm Scottish breakfast and set off. That left us the crew to get on with the cleaning. About an hour later we set off to follow them. It is said if the sea mist does not lift by 12pm, it won’t lift all day. This was one of those days. We lost sight of Hirta as we headed towards Boreray. I sat on the bow of the boat on the anchor box as we sliced through the calm water. The birds surrounded me, gannets diving, fulmars squawking, puffins flapping and skewers mobbing. It was so magical, it felt like I was in a dream. Suddenly a ‘poof’ and a minke whale surfaced to the right of me and then disappeared. Obviously, the usual scream and almost tears was my reaction, looking back at the wheelhouse to make sure Murdo and Euan had noticed. Both had but were dealing with it a lot cooler than I was.

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