Masson Wood

Masson Wood in Northern England, Crich, Holloway, near Matlock, Derbyshire – £49000 – Nearly 5 acres

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Masson Wood is a beautiful and diverse mixed broadleaf woodland situated on a sunny hillside. The splendid wild nature of the growth and balance of species along with the presence of seasonal streams and water courses, make Masson Wood a rare and valuable find. Close inspection will reveal clues to the past, in fact gritstone was formerly quarried from the hillside and mill wheels were hand chiselled from the rock. Many moss and lichen encrusted boulders are scattered over the wood.

Growing from the fertile soils between the rocks are large characterful oaks with alder and rowan trees dotted through. Plenty of sunlight reaches the woodland floor, encouraging a rich ground flora and there are many coppice stools of hazel, cut in recent years: these would provide a plentiful supply of useful poles for garden use. In addition, more mature stands of sycamore would be ideal for a firewood supply. Lower down, are some quite large holly trees growing, which along with patches of bramble, provide food and cover for the prolific wildlife.

Access to these quiet woods is from the road known as Leashaw where a solid parking area is available. From here, a sloping track leads down to the wood, passable preferably on foot or with a 4×4 or quad bike.

A number of internal paths, lined with grasses and ferns, give access to different parts of the wood and beside one of these, a bench is located. Allow time to take a moment to soak in the natural ambience of the place here. It’s likely that you’ll see and hear many species of woodland bird that make Masson Wood their home.

The Derwent Valley Mills are the birthplace of the factory system. It was for this reason that they were added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2001.

It was in the Derwent Valley that, thanks to pioneering work by Richard Arkwright, Jedediah Strutt, the Lombe brothers and others, the essential ingredients of factory production were successfully combined. Water power was successfully used for the first time on a relatively large scale. Not only was silk throwing and cotton spinning revolutionised with dramatic consequences for the British economy, the Arkwright model system also informed and inspired developments in other countries and industries.

Arkwright’s 1783 showpiece Masson Mills at Matlock Bath, after which the wood takes its name, are the finest surviving and best-preserved example of an Arkwright cotton spinning mill.

The purchasers of the woodland will be asked to enter into a covenant to ensure the quiet and peaceful enjoyment of adjoining woodlands and meadows.

You are welcome to visit this wood
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Do remember to also check that it is still available for sale.
If you have seen the woodland and wish to be accompanied on a second more detailed visit
please contact our local manager.

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