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Welcome to our wildfeed service. Here you can read a selection of top wildlife news RSS feeds for the UK.

It’s an easy and convenient way to keep up to date with lots of wildlife and nature news for the UK.

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Fallow Rut

By wildfeed

[embedded content] This past week has seen a lot of action with our deer rutting. The reds have slowed down,…

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By wildfeed

15th July 2019 Congratulations to two of VWT’s PhD students – Cat McNicol and Katie Sainsbury – who have recently…

An Outstanding Event

By wildfeed

This morning saw a heavy and highly visible migration of northern thrushes through our Oakenclough ringing site.  Andy, Bryan and…

Lie-in birding

By wildfeed

The cutting edge dawn coverage is getting a bit blunted as the winds don’t look brilliant for any major new…

No place like home

By wildfeed

Many insects moving north in response to climate change find they have nowhere to go in Britain’s intensively managed landscapes,…

The Triple Whammy.

By wildfeed

It was one thing to get a phone call in the evening last Wednesday, but everything got a lot more interesting as it went…