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Natural History Museum – Part 2

By wildfeed

This is the second installment of a two-part special recorded at the Natural History Museum, South Kensington, London.

This time Steve Roe talks with Roberto Portela Miguez who is the senior curator in charge of mammals at the Museum.

Natural History Museum – Part 1

By wildfeed

This is the first of a two-part special recorded at the Natural History Museum, South Kensington, London.
In this first half Steve Roe talks with Steph West who is the Biodiversity Training Manager at the Museum based within the Angela Marmot Cen…

A Wonderful Weekend in Wales

By wildfeed

Episode five was recorded in May at the Wales Bat Worker’s weekend. The weekend brings together bat workers from across Wales and further afield and Steve speaks to four of them in this episode.

Naomi Webster the is the Training & Conferen…

Nathusius’ Enthusiasts

By wildfeed

In our fourth episode, Steve joins bat legend Daniel Hargreaves on an autumnal evening in Rye Harbour Nature Reserve on the coastal boundary of Sussex and Kent in the search of Nathusius’ pipistrelle. Dan gives us an insight into the ecology of this…

Episode 2 – UK Wildlife Podcast – Migration

By wildfeed

We talk about at migration, but mostly in amphibians, reptile, insects, fish and bats, rather than birds.In news: Neil moans about Angling Trust trying to get cormorants on General license and we talk about better news on beaver reintroduction Podcast …

Woodchester Mansion

By wildfeed

Episode 3 was recorded in the Gloucestershire countryside at Woodchester Mansion. 

The Grade I listed Victorian mansion near Stroud, which was abandoned during construction in the 1850s, has colonies of rare greater and lesser horseshoe b…

Back from the Brink & The Big Bat Year

By wildfeed

We have two guests appearing on this episode:

Back from the Brink is one of the most ambitious conservation projects ever undertaken. Its aim – to save 20 species from extinction and benefit over 200 more through 19 projects that span England…

UK Wildlife Podcast Intro

By wildfeed

We have a Podcast. I and Victoria Hillman will be talking UK or British Wildlife. In this episode we introduce ourselves and our plans for the podcast

BatChat Trailer

By wildfeed

BatChat is the Podcast from the Bat Conservation Trust. Designed for its members and the wider bat conservation community, it talks to the experts as well as local heroes to bring you the stories from the bat conservation movement from the UK and fu…

The State of Nature 2019

By wildfeed

The State of Nature Report 2019 shows the decline in the UK’s biodiversity is continuing unabated. In this edition of Nature’s Voice Jane Markham talks to Dr Mark Eaton, RSPB Principal Conservation Scientist, about the report which has been…

Global Climate Strike

By wildfeed

The youth movement behind this year’s school strikes is joining other grass roots organisations around the world to call for a Global Climate Strike on September 20th. The RSPB is standing alongside the UK Student Climate Network and is encouraging…

Research at work for nature

By wildfeed

More and more science projects by conservation and environmental charities show that, globally, wildlife and nature are in trouble. The BTOs recent bird communities’ research illustrates both the positive and negative effects of  feeding garden…

Climate change – the year so far

By wildfeed

2019 has seen global warming rise up the political agenda – much of it driven by a young people demanding change. At the end of June around 12,000 people from around the country joined The Time is Now mass lobby in Westminster. On this edition of…

Puffarazzi 2019

By wildfeed

Calling all Puffarazzi! Two years ago the RSPB’s Project Puffin put out a call for photographs of puffins with fish in their beaks. Hundreds were received and they tell a fascinating story about the lives of these iconic birds who are on the red…

A swift update

By wildfeed

As May arrives swifts are returning to their UK nesting sites – heralding the start of summer. But their populations plummeted by 53 per cent between 1995 and 2015. It’s a subject that Nature’s Voice has visited before and on this episode Jane…

Nature’s Future

By wildfeed

With political uncertainty over Brexit continuing there are still many questions to be answered about new UK legislation that will be needed to protect the environment once we’ve left the EU. At the same time schoolchildren around the globe have…

The Albatross Task Force – a progress report

By wildfeed

The Albatross is a long lived bird – one male on Bird Island in South Georgia was ringed as a chick in 1959 and still going strong. But out of the 22 Albatross species, 15 are in danger of extinction and that’s despite the remarkable success of…

Let Nature Sing

By wildfeed

Our countryside could fall silent if current declines in wildlife continue. That is why the RSPB has launched Let Nature Sing – a campaign urging politicians to take advantage of the historic opportunity Brexit offers to pass laws to make the UK a…

Big Garden Birdwatch at 40

By wildfeed

This year the Big Garden Birdwatch is 40 years old and to celebrate Jane Markham will be meeting Ian Barthorpe who took part in the very first count when he was seven years old.  He is now visitor experience officer at RSPB Minsmere. …

132: Where have all the sparrows gone?

By wildfeed

House sparrows have made their homes close to human habitation for centuries but since the 1970s their numbers have plummeted by 60 per cent and the decline is particularly noticeable in our towns and cities. Why is this happening? On this episode of…

Starling Spectaculars 2018

By wildfeed

Every autumn starling numbers in the UK are bolstered by hundreds of thousands of birds migrating here from Northern Europe, Russia and the Ukraine to escape harsh winter weather. As they come in to roost at dusk they gather in huge flocks creating…

Green energy and climate change

By wildfeed

Climate change is already affecting the migration patterns of birds that visit the UK. Some arrive early and leave later while some don’t visit us at all anymore. On this edition of Nature’s Voice Jane Markham talks to the RSPB’s Andrew Dodd…

Winter migrants are on their way

By wildfeed

One of the season’s great spectacles is about to begin as birds from as far north as the arctic circle head for the UK to overwinter. Pink-footed geese and whooper swans are just two of the species which will be arriving shortly at Loch Leven in…

Sherwood Forest – the RSPB’s newest reserve

By wildfeed

Long before Robin Hood lived in Sherwood Forest its oak trees were providing homes for nature. August 2018 sees the RSPB preparing to open a brand new visitor centre and take on the management of this historic national nature reserve.  On this…

Wild Challenge

By wildfeed

Are you up for a Wild Challenge this summer? The RSPB’s new online activity awards, funded by their partnership with supermarket chain Aldi, aims to connect children with nature. Wild Challenge is full of ideas to inspire children to get outdoors…

Swift Survey 2018

By wildfeed

The annual Swift Survey has been running since 2009, gathering information on where swifts are nesting across the UK.  Swift numbers are 53 per cent down over the last 30 years and data from the survey, coupled with some ground breaking research…

Invasive Non Native Species Special

By wildfeed

When humans move species from one part of the world to another it can cause all sorts of problems – from non-native rodents wiping out entire seabird colonies to non-native water weeds choking our rivers. On this month’s Nature’s Voice Jane…

A day in the life of a cricket tickler

By wildfeed

Field crickets are in danger and the Back from the Brink Field Cricket Project team are working to help increase the population of these chunky little crickets which are just 2 cm long. In the 1980s, there was only one group of fewer than 100…

From beginner to seasoned Big Garden Birdwatchers

By wildfeed

TV presenter Miranda Krestovnikoff takes part in the Big Garden Birdwatch every year with her children. Actor David Neilsen, who plays Roy Cropper in Coronation Street, will be joining the count for the first time. On this month’s Nature’s Voice…

Climate change and the State of the UK’s Birds 2017

By wildfeed

This year’s State of the UK’s Birds report highlights how climate change is affecting our wintering and breeding birds. This annual ‘stock take’ of bird numbers is a collaboration between the RSPB, the British Trust for Ornithology and the Wildfowl…

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