China 2060

Celia Hatton and guests discuss China’s pledge to be carbon neutral by 2060.

43: Plastic Pollution & Shark Bites ft Sarah Roberts #44

In this Podcast I chat to Sarah Roberts who has written the book Somebodies Swallowed Stanley following the journey of a plastic bag in the ocean as well as talking about working with large predators and how a shark bit her arm!News: Parrots Moved From …

80: #80 Jocelyn Anderson – Birds close up

In episode 80, I speak with Jocelyn Anderson, photographer and birder. Jocelyn lives in Michigan, and started photographing birds around 4 years ago. Her award-winning bird portraits are absolutely stunning. Jocelyn also films gorgeous slow motion…

42: Is The Loch Ness Monster Real? ft Adrian Shine #43

In this Podcast I chat to Adrian Shine who has dedicated his life to uncovering the mysteries of the Loch Ness Monster and other lake legends. He’s also a naturalist and we speak about what could be living down there and some of the creatures that call t…

Ep32 – Dr George McGavin

For our 1 year anniversary special we are joined by entomologist and wildlife presenter George McGavin, discussing how he got into entomology and then broadcasting, bot flies, the important conservation role that has been played by Scottish midges and …

Ep 31 – Fieldfares and Redwings

We discuss the 2 British winter thrush species – Redwing and Fieldfare. Their identification, migration, feeding and breeding habits. In news we talk about the charging of an owner who let their dog kill a deer in Richmond Park,

41: From Punk Rock to River Champion ft Feargal Sharkey #42

In this Podcast I chat to punk rock legend Feargal Sharkey (The Undertones) about how he’s gone from the music industry to fighting for britains chalkstreams and rivers.News: Delayed Release of rare butterflies due to lockdown!Feargals Twitter – https:…

Too darn hot

Tom Heap explores the cost to the environment of air conditioning.

79: #79 Bird walk at John Heinz NWR with Tony Testa

Tony Testa, Host of the Finding Subjects podcast, takes us on a wonderful bird walk through the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge, in Philadelphia, USA. Suzy tells us more about some of birds seen on the walk. Red-winged Blackbird, Gray Catbird,…

Ep 30 – Halloween Special: UK Cryptids with Cian Gill

We are joined by Cian Gill for a bit of a fun episode for Halloween. We discuss some of the weird and bizarre fantastical creatures (and monsters) that people claim to have seen in the UK. We delve into the world of Cryptozoology talking about sighting…

10: People power: the Pymmes BrookERS

“It’s like getting to know a person, but one who can’t speak. We felt we had to be advocates for [the] river” This week, we join Dan and Jayne in conversation with Alison Archer from the Pymmes BrookERS: a group of community volunteers working together to restore their local waterways. Working in conjunction with our […]

51: The Masheer Trust ft Dr Adrian Pinder #38

This week I do a different Podcast each day to celebrate World Fish Migration Day on the 24th October with my special guest Dr Adrian Pinder of The Masheer Trust chatting about this iconic fish of Asia being one of the largest freshwater fish in the worl…

36: Filming Freshwater Fish to Water Voles ft Jack Perks #37

In this Podcast guest host Polly Pullar chats to Jack Perks talking about how his career started, his work with freshwater fish and the other wildlife he’s worked with over years being a professional wildlife photographer . In the news Polly talks about …

Volunteer Matthew Jones - Duncan Hoyle

49: Wild Trout Trust & IACGMOH ft Matthew Wright #36

This week I do a different Podcast each day to celebrate World Fish Migration Day on the 24th October with my special guest Matthew Wright a TV presenter from The Wright Stuff, This Morning and I’m a celebrity get me out of here but he’s also a passionat…

48: Why Rivers Matter ft Emily Cooper #35

This week I do a different Podcast each day to celebrate World Fish Migration Day on the 24th October with my special guest Emily Cooper of The River Trust chatting about UK rivers, the threats they face and what can be done to help them.WFMD Website – …

47: Eel Mafia, Mysteries & Migration ft Andrew Kerr #34

This week I do a different Podcast each day to celebrate World Fish Migration Day on the 24th October with my special guest Andrew Kerr of the Sustainable Eel Group as we delve into the mysterious world of the European eel!WFMD Website – https://www.wor…

Ep29 – Nature’s Health Benefits with Dr Amir Khan GP

We are joined by Dr Amir Khan GP, known from Channel 5’s GPs Behind Closed Doors, BBC Breakfast and ITV’s This Morning, and ambassador for the Wildlife Trust and Butterfly Conservation, to discuss health benefits of wildlife,

World on Fire

A panel of experts discuss the situation with this year’s wildfires.

14: Aesculapian Snakes in London ft Will Atkins #33

I take a look back at my archive to a visit to regents park looking for the UK’s only non native snake, the aesculapian snake and chat to will atkins about them.Nature Reserve of the Week: Walthamstow Wetlands ©

78: #78 Global Bird Weekend with Tim Appleton MBE

On October 17th and 18th 2020, the inaugural Global Bird Weekend will be held. Co-founder Tim Appleton MBE tells me how this event will bring together birdwatchers from over 100 countries, encouraging people of all levels of experience to watch and…

Ep 28 – Autumn Colours

In this autumnal episode we discuss the changing colours of tree leaves and the science behind it. In news we cover the successful saltmarsh creation at Fingeringhoe Wick in Essex, pheasants wiping out adders,

26: Dealing With Internet Trolls (Outdoor Podcast) #32

Slightly different in this weeks podcast as I venture outdoors and breath in the spring air during a trip to the peak district and take the opportunity to talk about internet trolls and how to beat them.©

9: Putting sewage pollution on the map

At The Rivers Trust, we have been stirring some 💩 about what is REALLY going into our rivers. In June, we kicked off our new campaign, Together For Rivers, to introduce designated bathing water standards into well-used rivers across the UK 🏊 To launch the campaign, our incredible Data Team created an interactive map to […]

32: Urban Biriding ft David Lindo #32

In this Podcast I chat to David Lindo AKA The Urban Birder who has featured on multiple wildlife programmes as well as organising the national bird vote. He’s international known for his work engaging the public with wildlife in cities. In the news I loo…

Ep 27 – The Social Wasps

In this species special we look at the social wasps. We discuss all 9 resident species (and the Asian Hornet), their habits, feeding, nest building, predators and parasites, along with their sting and what exactly is the point of wasps?

77: Virtual Birdfair and Summer Birdwatching Update

In episode 77, I share my thoughts on the Virtual Birdfair, give an update on my garden birds, and tell you about my summer bird walks. Plus, there’s exciting news about a group eBird account for The Casual Birder Podcast and I invite you to…

Ep 26 – Flies with Dr Erica McAlister

In this episode we talk flies with Dr Erica McAlister, Senior Curator of Diptera (true flies) at the Natural History Museum in London. She is also president of the Amateur Entomologists’ Society, and author of the The Secret Life of Flies and her new b…

Swimming in Superbugs?

Ellen Husain investigates how antibiotic resistant bacteria may be surviving in our seas.

Build, Build, Build

Peter Gibbs looks at how we respond to Boris Johnson’s call to “build build build”.

38: Connecting The Masses With British Nature ft Lucy Hodson #30

This week I’m joined by Lucy Hodson who works for the RSPB as a communcaitons officer while also doing lots of work in her personal time to connect people with nature. In the News I talk about a new species of snake named after a harry potter character! …

Ep25 – Beaver Reintroduction with Derek Gow

We talk to Derek Gow about Beaver reintroduction and the story behind it, which is the topic for his book ‘Bringing Back the Beaver’ (available at all good bookstores).He tells the story of well evidenced projects that were stopped by the actions of an…

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