Episode 18 – Stag Beetle Special

In a special short episode we talk about Stag Beetles and Lesser Stag Beetles. We discuss their life cycle, distribution, behaviour and how Neil determined if the males could bite or not! The links mentioned in the podcastPTES websiteStag beetle.

11: 11. A tour of Clive Anderson’s garden

In another special lockdown episode, Clive Anderson gives us an audio tour of his North London garden. President of the Woodland Trust since 2004, Clive is an award-winning broadcaster and comedy writer and currently hosts Radio 4’s Loose…

Ep17 UK Wildlife Podcast – Ant Boy Xander

We talk to ‘Ant Boy’ Xander about all thing Cairngorms and invertebrates included narrow headed ants, capercaillie, shining guest ant and pine hoverfly. We also discuss getting younger people into wildlife.

7: Blue spaces and nature-based prescriptions

In today’s episode, Dan and Jayne speak to Elle Hunt: a freelance journalist with articles in The Observer magazine, Tortoise, New Scientist and a range of other publications. Her Guardian article, “Blue Spaces: why time spent near water is the secret of happiness“, serves as the starting point for today’s discussion. What do blue spaces […]

10: 10. Trees of Hampstead Heath with Tracy Chevalier

With normal podcast recording hampered by lockdown, we visit the trees of Hampstead Heath with Tracy Chevalier, author of Girl With a Pearl Earring and other bestsellers. In this episode, Tracy describes how trees bring her comfort, considers how…

Ep15 UK Wildlife Podcast – Nick Baker – Part 2

Part two of our chat/interview with Nick Baker, presenter from Really Wild Show, Nick’s quest, Springwatch, Weird Creatures and Nick Baker’s Wild West among others. We discuss his favourite UK Reptile or amphibian,

9: 9. An Interview with Steph McGovern

Lockdown has hampered our usual woodland walks, so instead we’re chatting to some well-known personalities about the natural world – their favourite places, memories, hopes for the future and more. First up is journalist and presenter, Steph…

76: #76 Birthday Breakfast Birdwatch

For my birthday this year, I treated myself to a day of birdwatching in my garden. Join me as I record my sightings for the #BreakfastBirdwatch. Also, hear about the recent birds seen by listeners around the world, including a contribution from…

Can rivers help our mental and physical health?

This year, it feels more important than ever to reach out and talk about mental health. Covid-19 is having a huge effect on mental health—whether that’s through the tragic loss of family members, or the jarring effects of lockdown. For many, nature provides a sanctuary during these strange times; a place to find peace and […]

Ep14 UK Wildlife Podcast – Nick Baker – Part 1

A conversation between three naturalists driven slightly made by the lockdown! We have Wildlife TV presenter Nick Baker on the show, famous for presenting Really Wild show, Nick’s Quest and Weird Creatures,

Flooding Britain

How can the way we manage the environment help prevent flooding? Caz Graham investigates.

Silencing with Noise

How is the rising tide of man-made noise affecting our wildlife and what can be done?

Ep13 – Nature Photography in the Lockdown / at Home Special

A special episode where we look at photography ideas and projects you can do during the lockdown, most of which in your home or garden. Includes macro, garden bird and pond creature photography, mini indoor nature studio and an idea for your exercise w…

Episode 5: Supporting a Grassroots Community

In this episode, Jayne and Dan are joined by Alex Beasley, the Country Manager (UK, Ireland & Nordics) from Patagonia.  For almost 40 years, Patagonia has supported grassroots activists working to find solutions to the environmental crisis. In this podcast, Alex speaks about why supporting the grassroots community is so important to the Patagonia brand. […]

Ep12 UK Wildlife Podcast – Ants in the Garden

We talk abut the 3 most commonly found ant species in gardens: the black garden ant Lasius niger, the red ant Myrmica rubra and the yellow meadow ant Lasius flavus. and answer some of your question on ants.  WARNING contains ant puns!

Music’s Green Day

Tom Heap asks what the music industry can do to reduce its carbon footprint.

Ep11 UK Wildlife Podcast – with Stephen Moss

In this episode we talk to Stephen Moss, author of over 40 natural history books, producer of TV programmes such as Birding with Bill Oddie and Springwatch and lecturer in creative writing at Bath Spa University We talk about tips for writing nature bo…

Fantastic Plastic

How people in developing countries can turn plastic waste from a problem into a solution

#75 Casual Birding during Lockdown

In March 2020 life has suddenly changed for all of us. The COVID-19 Pandemic has meant the closure of parks and reserves, self-isolation and social distancing.   The first part of this episode talks about some of the things we can do to…

Plastic Burnout

A new report reveals the scale of open burning of plastic waste. Are manufacturers liable?

4: Climate motivation: what can we learn from the Netherlands?

In this episode, Dan and Jayne are joined by Floris Boogard, Professor at Hanze University in the Netherlands and one of the founders of ClimateCafé. ClimateCafé is a global citizen science movement, intended to motivate the public to be a part of the solution to climate change. We speak about WaterCo-Governance (WaterCoG), the importance of […]

Ep9 UK Wildlife Podcast – Moles

The main topic is the mole Neil mentions and excellent toad surveying session and Vic discusses Frog and toad spawn appearing.In news discuss a fishery owner killing an otter (and actually being jailed) and the badger cull being ‘phased out’ (or not).

Eco Homes Now!

Why aren’t all the new homes being built meeting the lowest carbon impact?

Fate of the Falcons

Meet the Naga people of India who have turned from headhunters to conservationists.

74: #74 The Edinburgh Birdwatcher returns

In episode 74, we hear from Euan Buchan, The Edinburgh Birdwatcher, about the anniversary of his first birdwatching day and what he has seen recently on his birding trips.   The Edinburgh Birdwatcher:   Euan’s first interview on the show:…

Ep8 UK Wildlife Podcast – Frogs and Toads with Steven Allain

We are joined by Steven Allain to discuss (and answer your questions) Frogs and Toads Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Google Podcasts | TuneIn | Spotify | RSS | More News stories Beavers helping prev…

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