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  • Nikon Aculon T01 8X21 Binoculars
    Nikon Aculon T01 8X21 Binoculars

    Enclosure Colour:White
    Length:8.7 cm
    Width:10.4 cm

  • Crenova Trail Camera 20MP 1080P HD with 32GB Micro Card Available with 940nm IR LEDs and IP66 Waterproof Game Camera Motion Activated Night Vision Perfect for Wildlife Observation
    Crenova Trail Camera 20MP 1080P HD with 32GB Micro...

    12MP Photo & 1080P Video: This game camera preserves every breathtaking moment of wildlife in high-performance 12-megapixel image resolution, brightly colored photos are captured during the daytime ((black and white at night), takes up to 3 photos per detection. The 1080P HD video is also with the very clear sound
    120° wide angle view and 0.6 Seconds Trigger Speed: 120° wide angle lens provide you the great shooting scope. Besides,an impressively faster trigger speed of the central PIR sensor is about 0.6 seconds (compared to 0.5s or 1s), and the side PIR function make the trigger time narrow down to 0.2s. So, each detected movement will be documented in real time and you are guaranteed to never miss any shot.
    Dimmed LEDs & Infrared Technology: Fully automatic IR filter, built-in 42 Pcs 940NM upgrading Infrared LEDs. As a scouting camera, it will not produce a bright flash that may scare the animals away during taking pictures.

  • Bresser Messier Dobson 6-Inch 150/750 mm Telescope - White
    Bresser Messier Dobson 6-Inch 150/750 mm Telescope...

    The compact 6 inch Messier Dobson is a high-quality travel telescope with Newton optics and a parabolic main mirror. It is a good choice for beginners as well as for advanced hobby astronomers.
    The 150 mm optics and the maximum magnification of 300x allow observations far beyond our solar system. The GP prism rail allows mounting on almost all other telescope mounts.
    Because the telescope is delivered almost pre-assembled, it is ready to go after a few minutes and can be observed immediately with the original equipment.

  • Bresser Classic 70/350 Refractor Telescope with Aluminium Mount and Smartphone Holder
    Bresser Classic 70/350 Refractor Telescope with Al...

    Due to its large diameter, the powerful and compact lens telescope is especially suitable for wide field observation. With the smartphone holder you can easily take your first astro photos of the moon.
    The magnification range is 18x – 140x and the lens diameter is about 70 mm. The shorter focal length of only 350 mm enables impressive wide field observations of open star clusters and the Milky Way.
    Due to its compact dimensions, the telescope is ideal for mobile use. The stable and height-adjustable tripod is quickly assembled and the telescope is easy to align and operate.

  • Svbony SV25 Telescope for Kids Beginners Adults 70mm Astronomical Telescope with Bag Adjustable Tripod Portable Travel Telescope Professional for Kids Children
    Svbony SV25 Telescope for Kids Beginners Adults 70...

    SV25 astronomical telescope kids is designed for the astronomy beginner adults and kids;suitable for astronomical observations and terrestrial use as a powerful spotting scope
    60mm aperture makes the kids telescope light and portable;the detachable platform is easy to install without tools and kids can use it by themselves
    The height of the tripod is 45cm to 103.5cm ; The maximum diameter of the tripod leg is 19mm and aluminum material improve the stability and durable