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Astronomy Books

find your way around the night sky

Stargazing is a wonderful hobby to have. Even though it’s getting harder to find truly dark skies there is much to be seen after dark.

This collection of books is ideal for a range of astronomers, whether a beginner or a more seasoned star-gazer. 

Find out what is happening above your heads in the night skies.



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Have you ever wondered what the name of the crater is you can see on the Moon? Or when the best time to see the planets is?

You may also be wondering when the next comet may be passing by the Earth. 

All these questions and more can be answered through one of the books in our astronomy collection. They are an ideal choice for the avid stargazer or those just starting out on their astronomy as a beginner.

What's a good astronomy book for beginners?

Looking at the Moon and planets are the best way to start astronomy. They are easy to find and explore. The easiest object is the Moon.

There are lots of objects to see there so we suggest a Moon gazing book as a way to start star-gazing.

Are any astronomy books aimed at kids?

There are books on astronomy for all ages and abilities - this includes kids. A great book for children on star-gazing is 50 Things to see with a telescope.

Is a star map worth having?

Everyone has apps today. That include astronomers. There are some great star map apps to help you explore the night sky.

But a print version of a star map or chart is well worth having anyway. They look wonderful on any wall and you can study the bigger picture of the cosmos with a star chart. Apps may be more practical but they don't have the same impact or wow factor as a beautiful wall hung start map.

Types of astronomy books

There are many types of astronomy book depending on what topic of space you love. There are books on;

  • star-gazing for beginners
  • Moon surface guides
  • Solar exploration
  • Choosing equipment
  • How to read star charts
  • history of astronomy

and many other different topics. They all help towards having a greater knowledge of our solar system and universe.

How to stay up to date with the night sky

By their very nature books do date over time. They are not the best way to keep up to date with new discoveries. Books provide an essential service by explaining the basics of astronomy and the concepts.

To know what to see in the sky next week there are often sections in local newspapers, there are a plethora of web sites which will say what and where you can see things. Joining a local astronomy club is always good as you get sent newsletters on what to look out for.

Some of the stargazing apps are regularly updated although some items might not be featured such as newly discovered comets.

Astronomy books can provide handy advice and tips

While books can not keep up to date with daily discoveries and happenings they are very good at providing information and tips. 

A beginner at astronomy might want to know if they are seeing a plane or a satellite in the night sky. Books can give you great tips on things like this as satellites do not have lights but reflect sunlight. As such they do not flash. A flashing light going across the sky is almost certainly an aircraft.

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