Bird Feeders

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Bird Feeders

Bring wild birds into your garden

Help your local garden birds by feeding them. This range of bird feeders is suitable for all types of garden birds.

Feeding birds year-round, not just in winter, is a great way to attract them into your garden. There are lots of different bird feeders available depending on what food you want to supply.

While some birds are happy to feed as a group many will prefer to feed at a feeder which is not being visited already. It makes sense to put up three or four feeders of different food types to give birds a chance for a feed without being disturbed.

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Bird Feeder FAQ

Which bird feeders are best?

To be honest this is the wrong question to ask. Bird feeders are designed for a certain type of food. The type of food you put out will determine what type of feeder is best for you. If you are on a budget then bird food like peanuts and general seed will determine what feeder is best for you. If you can spend a little more on things like nyger seeds and mealworms then another type of feeder will be best for you.

The type of food you put out will determine what species of wild bird you can attract to your garden bird feeder. There is no bird feeder design that can be classed as the best.

How do you attract birds to your bird feeder?

It can take time for birds to find your new bird feeder so don't worry if nothing visits for a week or two. There are somethings you can do to help increase the chances of birds finding your feeder.

  1. Put it close to some cover such as a tree or bush. This will give the birds a chance to perch somewhere safe before going to your birdfeeder.
  2. Don't put it near a white wall or fence etc. The colour white to birds is a warning colour and signal. If you put it to close to something white then birds can be warned off.
  3. Add some water, preferably running water. For many birds, water is more scarce than food. If you provide water it will attract birds. Running water is especially attractive and more noticeable than still water. When you buy a birdbath try and get one that incorporates a small fountain to bring in movement.
  4. Buy the best quality food you can for your budget. Cheap and old seeds will not encourage birds to come back to your feeder.
  5. Try some fresh apple. If you have some apples that are no longer appetising to look at - but are not mouldy - hang it up or get an apple feeder. Fresh fruit, especially in winter, can help bring wild birds to your feeding station.

What's the best bird feeder for small birds?

Apart from food choice, the best way to feed smaller birds is by using a caged feeder. Caged feeders can do two things.

  1. keep squirrels and other rodents away from the food inside the feeder
  2. keep larger birds away from the bird food

Be aware that caged feeders can help but are not perfect. Large birds such as crows and rooks are extremely intelligent and will try many tricks to get to the food. I've seen rooks shake caged feeders to get seeds to drop to the ground so they can eat it.

Where is the best place to put a bird feeder?

Bird feeders should be placed close to cover, either a tree or shrub. Birds like to perch close by to a feeder and check out the area for predators before making a dash to the feeder.

Apart from being close to cover bird feeders should be hung at around eye-level or slightly above. This helps to protect them from any roaming cats who may jump or pounce on birds feeding on lower feeders.

Bird feeders out of the prevailing wind and driving rain can be more effective. Try and place feeders in some shelter but not if it risks birds losing a sense of safety. Birds like a clear view when feeding to keep an eye out for predators.

Keep feeders at least 10 feet away from any windows to prevent window strikes. Bird feeders closer than 10 feet don't give birds enough room to manoeuvre out of the way. Alternatively, use window feeds or put feeders closer than 3 feet from the window. A bird will survive a window strike without injury at this distance as they have not built up speed.



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