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Wild Flower Seeds

Plants for a wildlife-friendly garden

Apart from a small pond, one of the most effective things for a wildlife garden is a small patch of native wildflowers. They are an important natural food source of most garden wildlife. They also look beautiful in bloom.

If you can not bear to give over all your lawn and make a wildflower meadow then consider having a border area or bottom of the garden given over to wildflowers and grasses.

We feature a range of wildflower and grass seeds that will help to bring wildlife into your garden.

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Wildflower garden Q & A:

Do wildflowers grow back every year?

Wildflowers will grow annually or bi-annually depending on species. Until your wildflower garden has become established you may need to reseed the area each year. Once established they will self-seed to keep the garden in bloom.

How to plant a wildflower garden

Making a wildflower garden is pretty easy. Buy a packet of mixed seeds for your soil type and sprinkle them over the area. You can then gently water the area with a watering can. Take care not to wash the seeds away.

Wildflower seeds can be mixed with fine sand or even flour to help with even sprinkling by hand. You want to allow for 4 grams of seed per square meter for best effect.

Most wildflowers do best on nutrient-poor soils, so keep the grass cuttings and compost away.

When to plant a wildflower garden

The best time to plant a wildflower garden is early Spring. This allows the Spring rainfall to water the plants until established which takes up to 8 weeks.

Many gardeners will seed wildflower areas in the late Autumn for them to lie dormant over the winter and becomes established in the Spring. This works well but you can have a higher failure rate and birds have all winter to root around and find the seeds.

It is possible to seed wildflower gardens into the Summer months but you need to manually water the bed to ensure the seeds do not dry out before they become established.


What are the top 10 suggestions of wildflowers in the UK?

There are lots of different wildflower species to consider in the UK. It very much depends on your soil conditions, local climate and whether you are planting in shade or sun. But here are 10 top suggestions that will bring colour to your garden and support wildlife and insects:

  1. Ox-eye Daisy
  2. Ragged Robin
  3. Corn Cockle
  4. Corn Marigold
  5. Bell Flower
  6. Betony
  7. Hemp Agrimony
  8. Viper's Bugloss
  9. Common Knapweed
  10. Bugle

If conditions are right you might want to try and track down some of our more rarer wildflowers at specialist seed sellers.



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