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Bat Detectors

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We love bat detectors, they are great gadgets to have. Because bats are a protected species it is illegal to handle one or disturb one without a license. This means the best way to interact with bats is remotely.

Using a bat detector allows you to discover bats, and with a suitable guide, discover what species of bat lives near you.

For children, we particularly love the build it yourself bat detector kits as it also introduces technology to children.


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How do bat detectors work?

Bat detectors work by listening for the ultra-high frequency calls made by bats. These calls are made to help bats navigate in the dark and also catch their prey. Bat detectors then convert these ultra-high frequency calls into sounds we can hear.

Better quality bat detectors also show the frequency of the original call which can help identify the species of bat.

What frequencies do bats echo-locate on?

All 17 species of bats echo-locate using frequencies between 20kHertz and 108kHertz.

Can humans hear British bats species?

It is unlikely that most humans can hear any of the species of bats in the British Isles when they echolocate. But it is not impossible.

The the lowest frequency for echolocation is from the Noctule bat which signals at between 20kHertz and 25kHertz. The highest frequency that a young human with excellent hearing can hear is 20kHertz. So there may be rare occasions on which conditions are right for someone with perfect hearing to hear a noctule bat. But it is a very unlikely situation.

Howver, you may hear bats at a roost with mothers communicating with their pups. These pips and squeaks are not echolocation and can be at much lower frequencies.

How do bats make their calls>

Bats make their noises in the same way that humans talk. Bats have vocal cords and when they move air past those cords the sound is emitted.

Some bats will use their mouths to send signals while others will use their noses to send out signals.


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