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Making your little piece of land a wildlife sanctuary

If you are fortunate to have a garden then you are lucky to have the opportunity to help our native wildlife. So many species now rely on our gardens to survive.  You can help them thrive by how you garden.

We have a wide range of products for gardens that will help to attract animals, birds and other wildlife into your garden. Just small things like feeding the birds can make all the difference.

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Wildlife Gardens; a magical place in the urban environment

A wildlife garden can be a truly magical place. Even if in an urban area, if space permits, you can be surrounded by butterflies, bees, birds and other amazing creatures.

Even as gardens get smaller thee is still the opportunity to bring wildlife into the garden. A small water feature may not be as wildlife friendly as a pond but it still provides essential resources for wildlife. You may not attract dragonflies and frogs but your local birds and foxes will welcome a fresh water source. This is especially true in winter when other water could be frozen.

Having a wild flower meadow instead of a lawn can be so beneficial to our urban insects including bees and butterflies. But again with ever smaller gardens you can still help by using pot plants or border plants that are friendly to UK insects.

Building a wildlife garden

The best thing about wildlife gardening is that it is easy and is best left to care for itself. A garden that is too clean, tidy and formatted is not the best for wildlife who like variety, cover and decaying plants to feed off.

Check out this video about wildlife gardening.

5 Top Tips for Wildlife Gardens

Try and add the following for a top notch wildlife garden.

  • Garden pond - large or small a water source will benefit a large number of urban wildlife species.
  • Compost heap - try and have an open compost heap rather than a bin. Birds, hedgehogs and other creatures can feed from an open compost heap but not a bin.
  • Dead wood pile - a collection of dead and decaying wood can give a lovely woodland aroma and provide essential insects for so many species.
  • Native wild flower patch - you don't need a full meadow to feed the butterflies and bees with nectar. But try and sow a range of seeds that will lead to long flowering season of your patch.
  • Bird feeders - there just isn't enough natural food in an urban environment to maintain healthy bird populations. Put out bird feeders and food year round.

5 Reasons To Have A Wildlife Garden

There are many reasons why you should set aside a part of your garden for wildlife. Here are my 5 top reasons.

  • Help wildlife - obviously helping wildlife is important especially as many of the species that visit our garden, both urban and rural, are having a difficult time.
  • Improved mental health - it is known that getting in touch with nature helps our mental well-being. What better why to unwind for an hour than sitting in your garden taking in the sights and sounds of the natural world.
  • Great for kids - a wildlife garden is a great learning resource for children. What better way to learn than by playing with and exploring nature in your garden.
  • Reduce pests - many wildlife species that come into gardens can help reduce pests. Hedgehogs can help clear your garden of slugs and birds help combat pest insects.
  • Less work to do - it's amazing that you can do the most for wildlife by cutting back on the work you do in your garden. Let your borders grow to give cover for wildlife, leave a wood and leaf pile for snakes and slow-worms. Less is best where wildlife gardens are concerned.