Garden Secrets Barn Owl Nest Box


Designed with Barn Owl Trust
Two access hatches for cleaning
Strong and Weather Proof

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This completely new chalet incorporates all the essential features for the safe rearing of owlets. Thoughtfully designed with advice from the Barn Owl Trust and other experts during the design stages. Features that provide for the safe rearing of owlets and effective but simple management of the Barn Owl Nest box include:- * Manufactured from forest sustainable exterior grade timber. * Generous drained floor of approx. 300 sq. inches. * Full width front platform * Full 17inch ; depth from pophole to floor. Specially drilled backplate in the Nest Box providing fixing holes above and below the Nest box and oversized holes to accommodate ropes for hauling the box up the tree and locating it. The backplate is reinforced top and bottom with sturdy battening and allows for unevenness of the tree trunk. Double inspection hatch allowing full access to the whole floor area and facilitates cleaning or inspection from either side of the Nest Box. Both hatches are water-resistant at the edges and are securely held in position. A generous weather canopy that protects both the pophole and the landing platform from the worst weather. A lightweight but robust construction strengthened with internal battens but still only weighing approx. 8.5kgs. Designed to attract: Barn Owls. Dimensions: Height 73cm x width 62cm x body depth 34cm Pophole: 12.5cm x 12.5cm (max) Pophole sill to floor: 44cm Platform: 18cm x 48cm Inspection Hatches: 33cm x 28cm Weight: 8.5kgs approx. This Barn Owl Nest Box will be delivered to you fully assembled with the exception of the platform which is easily fixed in place with 2 screws. This can either be done before or after the Nest Box is fixed in position.
Designed with Barn Owl Trust
Two access hatches for cleaning
Strong and Weather Proof
Pop hole and walking Platform
Indoor or Outdoor use

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