Green Jem NB1 Traditional Wooden Multi-Style Nesting Box, Brown, 18.5×16.5×26 cm


Multi-style wooden nest box ideal for a range of birds
With removable front panel for different breeds
Brass fixing/hanging plate

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Our conventional multi taste- selection picket nesting Field comes with a detachable front panel, making this Nest Field appropriate for among the species of Wild Birds which are prone to nest for your garden because the Field can be utilized both in its authentic shape or by way of eliminating the 2 screws which grasp the front panel in place it transforms into an open fronted nesting Field, best for encouraging birds for your garden. The bottom of the Nesting Field has a small gap in it in order that the birds can simply blank the Field out. Comes in a position to hold with brass solving/placing plate. Measurement: 18.5 x 16.5 x 26cm You must place the Nest Field in order that it’s sheltered from rain, wind and powerful daylight. It’s endorsed that the Field is fastened among 1.5 and 5 metres above the bottom. Don’t disturb the nest Field as soon as it’s in use. You will need to blank out your nest Field at least one time a year among September and October making sure that each one nesting subject material is got rid of. It is vitally most probably that the Field will probably be used as a iciness roosting website.
Multi-taste picket nest Field perfect for a spread of birds
With detachable front panel for various breeds
Brass solving/placing plate
Approx. Measurement: 18.5cm x 16.5cm x 26cm
With a 3cm diameter front hollow

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