Oval Roosting Nest Pocket


Ideal to hang in the garden
Natural durable materials
These attractive dual chamber insect habitats can be hung from trees, pergolas, hanging brackets or near ponds or scented plants providing overwintering habitats for insects like Ladybirds (natural aphid predators) and a home for Solitary Bees (garden pollinators) and other beneficial insects in the summer.

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Roosting and refuge for all small birds giving very important coverage on chilly nights to keep frame fats and permit survival is equipped by way of the Oval Roosting Nets Pocket. The nest additionally supplies nesting area for smaller birds, wrens, goldcrests and infrequently robins and different species.Produced from Herbal sturdy fabrics, Those nests come entire with striking twine which may also be fastened with the small hollow or huge cling going through ahead (there are specified directions incorporated).The nests are gentle and simple to mend in hedges, ivy, on pergolas, fencing, partitions, small bushes and timber.
Perfect to hold within the lawn
Herbal sturdy fabrics
Those horny twin chamber insect habitats may also be hung from bushes, pergolas, striking brackets or close to ponds or scented vegetation offering overwintering habitats for bugs like Ladybirds (Herbal aphid predators) and a house for Solitary Bees (lawn pollinators) and different really helpful bugs in the summertime.

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