Swift Box


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Hand made by ourselves in the UK, this lovely swift box is made using locally sourced Welsh Larch, making it 100% natural, safe environment for Swifts. Swifts are currently in decline with a drop of 51% between 1995 & 2015 this currently puts them on the amber list for endangered birds. Many researchers think this is partly due to a reduction of safe places for them nest on their return the UK. Modern housing, renovation of old barns and building and our tendency to seal gaps in the eaves mean they are finding fewer suitable places to rear their young. Swifts are amazing birds that like to nest high up, so ideally you’ll need to place the box directly under the eaves giving them a safe place to nest for years to come. The box measures approx. 405mm L x 150 mm D x 170 H mm Its made from 100% natural larch, and all the fixings are stainless steel, so they wont rust . We’ve hopefully made it easy for this to be put up by putting two key hole style cut outs on the back, and the screws to attach it are included. Because all our boxes are hand made from natural products, they do vary slightly in colour, If you want to a photo of the exact box you will receive, just ask.   The front is hinged for easy access when cleaning, without having to take the box down. The opening is 28 mm x 65 mm, which is the recommended size for common swifts, with a wedge above to help shelter it from the elements.    This lovely, sturdy, all natural box will look great for years to come, ensuring returning birds always have a safe place to return to after that long flight from Africa.

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