Christmas 2019 Appeal

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raise money to save hedgehogsOur 2019 Christmas appeal this year is to raise funds to buy 100 sacks of hedgehog food for local hedgehog hospitals. Please help with a small donation. Together we can help hedgehogs survive the winter months.

Many volunteer wildlife rescuers are currently very busy with lots of under-nourished juvenile hedgehogs. A mild year means many hedgehogs have had 2 litters. Those hoglets born in the autumn have not had a chance to put on weight to hibernate.

Pictorial Meadows – Contrasting 6g, Annual Wildflower Meadow Seed Mix


100% Annual Wildflower Mix (No Grasses)
Perfect for Bees and Butterflies
Long flowering display, suitable for all soil types.

Usually dispatched within 1-2 business days


Pictorial Meadows – Contrasting Wildflower Meadow Seed Mix 6g

Lovely interlocking blocks of colour in bold contrasting combinations characterise this combination.

Expect strong oranges and reds combining fantastically with blue and purple components and as at all times a smattering of different colours so as to add seasonal change and interest.

A very loyal mix for all locations.

one hundred% Annual Wildflower Mix (No Grasses)
Absolute best for Bees and Butterflies
Long flowering display, suitable for all soil sorts.
Simple to Sow
To Cover 2 -3m² approx.

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