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wild flower meadow seeds
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FRAGRANT MIX 1   Buy 1 get 1 Free Buy as many as you like and you are going to all the time get a free packet of seeds with each pack you buy   A great mix of annuals and perennials Just shake the pack then spread as thinly as you require This mix will give a magnificent display in addition to great fragrances all summer long  That is pure seed with spreading compound Which helps disperse your seed more flippantly as a few of the seed is tiny There will likely be approx 50,000 seeds Be sure you sow thinly as overcrowding will stunt the growth of your flowers SOWING  Sow direct into the ground, wait until the last frosts have been, then prepare a weed free area then just scatter your seed, Give the seeded area a gentle rake and firm with the back of the rake or walk and firm in the ground, water with a very fine spray, Give protection to from birds   Seeds included are as follows   Dianthus mixed HP oxeye daisy HP Diascia pink HHA Nicotiana HHA Nemophelia HA Dahlia pompone HHP Virginia Stock HA Sweet william messenger mix HP Mignonette HA Alyssum carpet of snow HHA Sweet Rocket HP Victoria cross HA Field poppy HA Celosia HHA RATIO 1:40 SILVER SAND TO SEED
wild flower meadow seeds
Fresh UK Seeds
UK Seller

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