White Clover Seeds Green Manure WILD FLOWER seeds by Prettywildseeds 500g BULK


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White clover improves soil fertility and structure better than most other green manure crops on heavier soils. In addition to fixing a high amount of nitrogen the plants long tap root can penetrate deep into the soil strata to lend a hand create a more open structure . The white clover plants must be regularly topped before being dug in after a year or two. The decaying plant matter residue and the fibrous quality the vast root system won’t only increase the soils organic matter content but create a perfect habitat to encourage worms and other burrowing creatures which can vastly beef up surface water drainage. Sow on to a fine, well prepared, warm seedbed. Evenly rake over (while being very carful to not bury the seeds more than 5- 10mm) and firm the ground afterwards to insure good seed to soil contact.