Chubby Mealworms Dried Mealworms and Calci Worm Mix, 1Kg


100% Natural High Protein & High Calcium Mix
This mix will give the Wild Birds a Boost All Year Round
Attract More Wild Birds & Different Species To Your Garden

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1Kg Chubby Dried Mixes

Chubby Dried Calci Worms are one hundred% natural & farmed within the Netherlands.Our Chubby Dried Calciworms naturally have 23 to 61 times more calcium than different often fed feeder insects and actually have a naturally neatly balanced calcium-phosphorus ratio of three-35. Analysis has shown that feed with upper Ca:P ratios will increase animal health and contributes to stronger bones and glossy feathers. Calci -worms are in reality black soldier fly larvae (hermetia illucens). In spite of sporting a fairly aggressive sounding name, the fly (and larva) are totally harmless and don’t raise disease. As a result of loss of mouth portions it cannot bite. The adult Handiest drinks water and lives off the nutritional reserves it had built up as a larva. All over its larva length, which lasts a couple of weeks, it feeds off more than a few sorts of organic subject material. That’s the reason why Calciworms have any such Top nutritional price.

Wild Birds Love Calciworms up to different dried insects so Combine things up and provides these a check out! Even supposing you’ll be able to buy reside calci worms, dried calci worms are simply as excellent with the additional advantage of simple and long lasting storage. Dried Calci Worms also are significantly better for somebody that may be squeamish!

Whether you simply want a small bath of calci worms or a bulk box now we have various sizes to be had for you.

The bigger the pack of dried calci worms you purchase the inexpensive the associated fee per Kg becomes.

For Wild Birds Handiest.
one hundred% Natural Top Protein & Top Calcium Combine
This combination will give the Wild Birds a Spice up All Year Spherical
Draw in More Wild Birds & Other Species To Your Garden
Premium Quality Wild Bird Treat From Chubby!

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