25 kg Dawn Chorus Sunflower Hearts For Wild Birds (12.5 kg x 2)


Composition: Sunflower Hearts
Calorific Value: 610 (calories per 100g)

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Sunflower Hearts, de-hulled Black Sunflower seeds, are a great, 12 months spherical, power wealthy supply of meals for numerous wild birds. They include top ranges of herbal oils, protein, minerals and nutrients to assist birds equivalent to Finches, Titties, Sparrows and Blackbirds, among others, to live on the problems of Iciness and the calls for of the breeding season in Spring and early Summer time. Feed from hen tables, the bottom or from definitely positioned seed feeders to inspire quite a lot of wild birds on your lawn.
Composition: Sunflower Hearts
Calorific Price: 610 (energy in step with 100g)