Deli Nature 15 – 023070 Paste embuche Start + High Protein – 500 GR


Essential Food
Balanced diet
Healthy Eating



Suitable for all bird types with a high need for proteins, such as lovebirds, large parakeet, amazon, white cockatoo,… Start+ HP comprises all nutrients to guarantee good growth and a well-balanced development of the babies. The added probiotic (Bacillus Subtilis) in addition to the prebiotics make stronger the crop- and intestinal flora and optimise the digestion of the feed. The presence of DHA (Very important fatty acids) give a contribution to an optimal omega-6 and omega-3 balance and supports the resistance against pathogenic bacteria. The presence of organic acids ensure a really perfect acidity environment in the crop. Ideal for the feeding of smaller species in the nest, like canaries, British finches, … INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Mix Deli Nature START+ with hot water (see table for ratios) in a clean container. Ideally use bottled water that may be suitable for baby food, if not conceivable, use tap water you would boil to kill conceivable pathogenic bacteria. Stir the hand rearing feed and the water to obtain homogenous mash. Let it rest for a whilst after stirring. When the mash has reached the right temperature of 39°- 43°C, stir it again to keep away from the ingredients from separating. HATCHING – DAY 4 – Use 1 part START+ to 6 parts water DAY 5 – DAY 13 – Use part 1 part START+ to 5 parts water DAY 14 – WEANING – Use part 1 part START+ 4 parts water ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS 22,5% Crude protein 9% Crude fat 2,5% Crude fibre 4,5% Crude ash 0,9% Calcium 0,65% Phosphore 0,16% Sodium 1,35% Lysin 0,65% Methionine 0,95% Threonine 0,28% Tryptophane
Very important Food
Balanced diet
Healthy Eating

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