Harrisons High Potency Coarse 2.26kg


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Harrisons High Potency Coarse Ground Formula is a tasty, certified organic, formulated diet made with human grade organic ingredients and provides the complete balanced range of crucial nutrients required by your bird for a happy, healthy life. It incorporates no artificial colourings, herbicides, pesticides, preservatives or chemicals which are likely to harm your bird and being a formulated diet it prevents selective feeding, a known cause of malnutrition in birds. Harrisons High Potency Coarse extruded nuggets are approximately 1cm in size and are perfect for birds which like to hold their food in their feet. Harrisons Bird Foods are recognised as the gold standard in avian formulated diets, and really useful by leading avian vets world wide for the wellbeing of pet birds and the prevention and correction of nutrition-related diseases. Most suitable for medium to large parrots, especially African greys, cockatoos, large conures, eclectus, larger macaws and pionus. Other species could also be switched to Adult Lifetime Formula after a 6 month conversion period. It’s endorsed for all unwell or malnurished birds; birds with feather problems; and because the food of choice throughout the initial conversion period of all larger parrots, and for weaning all larger parrots, cockatoos and Macaws and for the initial 6 months of life of all larger parrots before a change to Harrisons Adult Lifetime Coarse. Approximate Dimensions (Product): 33.5 x 29 x 10cm

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