Hollybeck Sunflower Hearts Wild Bird Food – 20KG Sack – FREE P & P INCLUDED (FOR UK only)

£21.48 £21.39

Large sack of 20kg Sunflower Hearts Wild Bird Seed
Good quality value wild bird straight food for general feeding all birds
Supplied in a Sturdy Cardboard box for reuse if required

Usually dispatched within 24 hours


Sunflower Hearts Bakery Grade 20kg Draw in wild birds with Sunflower Hearts, containing the entire goodness of sunflower seeds however with out the mess.
Huge sack of 20kg Sunflower Hearts Wild Fowl Seed
Just right high quality price wild Fowl immediately meals for common feeding all birds
Provided in a Robust Cardboard field for reuse if required
All wild birds will move wild for this feed and no mess!
Provided from Hollybeck Nurseries