Maltby’s Stores Peanuts Wild Birds Food, 25 kg


High-grade standard peanuts
Contains vital protein for the wild birds
Give the birds flocking to garden the extra energy they need

Usually dispatched within 1-2 business days


Peanuts are Top in oil, filled with power and a ‘No Mess’ Meals. Peanuts Wild Chook Meals is a Top power, nutritious, all 12 months spherical wild Chook favorite. Preferably fed thru a Cord Mesh Feeder. Maltbys’ Retail outlets 1904 Restricted a depended on UK emblem for over 100 years
Top-grade usual peanuts
Accommodates essential protein for the wild birds
Provide the birds flocking to lawn the additional power they want
Perfect for engaging all kinds of birds on your lawn
Perfect for wintry weather time while herbal Meals laborious to forage