Peckish Complete Seed Mix 5 in 1 2kg


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Peckish Complete 5in1 has been created to bring more birds, colour and song for your garden. This unique blend can be utilized in feeders, on bird tables and ground feeding trays. Energy Identical – 439 KCalories/100gms Each and every ingredient has been specifically chosen for its high energy content and to encourage the widest number of birds into your garden. Also, the seed husks have been got rid of to prevent any of the seed from germinating and creating unwanted mess and weeds. It is so easy with Peckish Complete 5in1 you’ll be able to have time to loosen up and enjoy watching the birds flock for your garden. Enjoy these birds for your garden Blackbird Blue Tit Bullfinch Chaffinch Dunnock Goldfinch Great tit Greenfinch House Sparrow Long Tailed Tit Nuthatch Robin Siskin Song Thrush