Peckish Energy Cake Peanut and Mealworm 350g


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The mix of suet, peanut and mealworm on this energy cake offers birds an actual energy boost. Mealworms are the closest food to a bird’s natural diet and are high in protein making them the easiest treat for birds. This energy cake will also be hung on feeding stations or from a tree branch and will attract quite a few birds for your garden. Energy An identical 523 KCalories/100gms Enjoy these birds for your garden Blue Tit Chaffinch Great tit Long Tailed Tit Nuthatch – Prepare and Use: Lift out the cap & tear down the side strip. Use twine or wire to thread through the hole within the hanger and tie together in a loop. Pull the cake out of the packaging and hang from a feeding station or tree branch. You’ll be able to also place the cake on a bird table.