Christmas 2019 Appeal

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raise money to save hedgehogsOur 2019 Christmas appeal this year is to raise funds to buy 100 sacks of hedgehog food for local hedgehog hospitals. Please help with a small donation. Together we can help hedgehogs survive the winter months.

Many volunteer wildlife rescuers are currently very busy with lots of under-nourished juvenile hedgehogs. A mild year means many hedgehogs have had 2 litters. Those hoglets born in the autumn have not had a chance to put on weight to hibernate.

Peckish Garden Bird Seed Ready to Use Bird Feeder 750 g


Ready to use feeder.
All purpose mix.
Contains high energy sunflower seed.

Usually dispatched within 1-2 business days

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To draw the entire popular birds into your garden that is the easiest bird feeder. It may be hung from a feeding station or tree branch and will draw in a lot of different species into your garden all year round.
In a position to make use of feeder.
All purpose mix.
Comprises high energy sunflower seed.
Comprises Calvita, a natural nutrient supplement containing calcium and vitamins.
Suitable for year round feeding.

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