Seben Big Boss 1400-150 EQ3 Reflector Telescope”Big Pack”


Faintest discernable stars: 13.8M! (over 5,650,000 Stars visible!!!)
Aperture: 150mm
Focal Length: 1400mm (catadioptric system)

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Seben Massive Boss 1400-one hundred fifty Reflector Telescope

Seben’s Massive Boss 1400-one hundred fifty reflector telescope is, on account of its very best workmanship and large efficiency information, the unquestioned most sensible telescope of Seben’s astronomy series.

Undreamed of chances transform true for the bold user of Seben’s Massive Boss telescope on account of its massive 150mm aperture and the tremendous focal Period of 1400mm.

Seben’s Massive Boss telescope is a catadioptric telescope. The best benefit of this design is its compactness that you’re going to particularly understand throughout the transport and the putting in of the telescope. And for the reason that wind hasn’t were given this kind of nice target, it may not be shaken so badly throughout stormy nights.

Far-away statement objectives, which is able to hardly be seen with moderate telescopes, are stunningly shut with Seben’s Massive Boss telescope. Faintest discernable stars: 13.8M! (over 5,650,000 stars visible!!!!)

With the equipped 31.7mm (1.25″) Plössl eyepieces (25mm, 6.5mm) the root stone for a top of the range eyepiece assortment is laid. Plössl eyepieces have all the time been recognized for his or her top of the range and supply a obviously notable increased symbol high quality than bizarre eyepieces. With these two eyepieces you’ll look ahead to examine with the next magnifications, with out additional accessories having to be purchased expensively: 56x, 215x.

Whereas you frequently must spend numerous more cash for vital accessories with different manufacturers, there isn’t a penny further to be paid with us.

Contents of delivery:
1x Telescope tube 1400-150

1x Eyepiece PL 6,5mm
1x Eyepiece PL 25mm
1x 1.5x Erecting Eyepiece

1x Protecting cap for the tube
1x Protecting cap for the accent socket
2x Protecting eyepiece receptacles
1x Moon Filter

1x Finder Scope
1x EQ – Mount
1x Aluminium tripod
Faintest discernable stars: 13.8M! (over 5,650,000 Stars visible!!!)
Aperture: 150mm
Focal Period: 1400mm (catadioptric system)
Extendable for astrophotography, usage of filters, and the like. on account of the 31.7mm (1.25″) accent sockets
Magnification: PL 6,5mm/215x, PL 25mm/56x

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