Swarovski 8.5 x 42 Field Pro EL Swarovison binoculars


Product description: Swarovski EL 8.5 x 42 W B.
Width: 12.2 cm.
Depth: 16 cm.

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EL 3rd Generation, the limits of perfection.

With the EL binoculars, Swarovski Optics reached a milestone in long range optics. These have now been further perfected in intensive development work and with much dedication. The result is the best EL family of all time. The brilliant optics with Swarovision technology and the unique ergonomics with EL handle are complemented by the, perfectly matched FieldPro package, which provides unprecedented comfort in nature observation and hunting with new carrying straps and protective covers for the lens and eyepiece. The result is an almost magical combination of appearance and ergonomic functionality combined in one masterful design.


EL 42, the powerful all-rounder.
The EL 42 combines size, weight and optical performance to a perfect whole and is a reliable all-round genius both in daylight and at dusk. Nature observers appreciate the unique close-up position of 1.5 m and the fast and precise focusing mechanism.




Swarovision technology redefines the concept of optical quality. Field Flattener lenses enable unprecedented edge definition, fluoride-containing HD lenses reduce colour fringes to a minimum, optimized coatings ensure maximum colour fidelity. Eye relief, 100% field of view, even for people who wear glasses.


HD look.
Our HD appearance is characterised by fluoride coated lenses.
Product description: Swarovski EL 8.5 x 42 W B.
Width: 12.2 cm.
Depth: 16 cm.
Height: 6.1 cm.
Humidity: waterproof up to 4 m.

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