AmScope T490B-DK 40X-2000X Trinocular Compound Darkfield Microscope


Four remarkable darkfield & brightfield features:
simultaneous viewing through the photo port and eyepieces
adjustable parfocal trinocular port

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This skilled trinocular compound microscope supplies each darkfield and brightfield options. It boasts three distinctive options no different microscope dealer can claim, designed for pro applications in clinical offices and analysis laboratories. Other from so much different microscopes in the marketplace, the T490B is outstanding as it options 1) simultaneous viewing throughout the photo port and eyepieces, 2) an adjustable parfocal trinocular port, and three) a detachable C-Mount situated at the 23mm photo port. T490B’s adjustable trinocular port creates a parfocal optical system by permitting the picture system connected to the photo port and the picture within the eyepieces to be in center of attention at the same time. Traditional microscopes in the marketplace will let you see thru either the trinocular port or eyepieces, forcing you to modify between the port and eyepieces. As a result of their trinocular port isn’t designed to be par-focal with the microscope optical system, you must conduct re-focusing after every “switch”. The T490B, on the other hand, has simultaneous viewing and parfocal trinocular port in order that these “switch” and “re-focusing” are now not vital. Particularly at hand for teaching demonstrations, clinical examinations and laboratory applications, these options permit your scholars or colleagues to view crystal transparent photographs concurrently whilst you work throughout the eyepieces. As well as, the T490B’s business usual 23mm photo port can also be converted into a C-Mount port by hanging at the free C-mount adapter included, permitting you to connect so much of microscope digital cameras and video systems in the marketplace. This flexible microscope could also be able to being upgraded with more than a few accessories and attachments for added purposes. The T490B additionally features a 30° prone 360° swiveling reimbursement-free trinocular head, a three-D mechanical stage, and an intensity-variable halogen illumination system. This microscope is made by the similar technicians and at the same production
Four outstanding darkfield & brightfield options:
simultaneous viewing throughout the photo port and eyepieces
adjustable parfocal trinocular port
detachable C-Mount situated at the 23mm photo port
sixteen darkfield and brightfield magnification powers

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