Omegon Microscope BinoView, achromate, 1000x, LED


Suitable for school, college and work
Observe them with both eyes: Binokularer einblick
2 eyepieces with a large field of view

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Omegon BinoView – the biological microscope for college, examine and work

When searching for a capable microscope, one expects just right optics plus precision mechanics. Each are here combined in one instrument with the Omegon BinoView. This makes it the primary selection for serious use in faculties, upper education or even for industrial applications. However additionally it is of interest for beginner researchers and amateur microscopists. This microscope is utilized in many tutorial establishments. Revel in and analysis all the time begins on a small scale … after which grows.

Mechanical stage with Vernier scale and fine adjustment on 2 axes

The huge stage, approximately 130x130mm, holds your slides squarely and securely in place by means of a spring clip. The fine position adjustment knobs and Vernier scale assist you to position objects as required, and you’ll be able to make adjustments even as concurrently having a look throughout the microscope. Revel in a bird’s eye view of the ‘landscape’ of a muscle fibre or the fine detail of a mosquito wing.

Magnification from 40X to 1000X

The Omegon Binoview microscope comes provided with an enormous vary of conceivable magnifications – between 40X and 1000X. Use the target lens turret for hastily converting as much as the following upper magnification. Three of the four objective lenses are spring-loaded to assist save you injury for those who will have to inadvertently touch the specimen slide with them.

The Binoview has an oil-immersion lens for 1000X magnification. The usage of the oil provided supplies bright, top-distinction observing.

Binocular eyepiece 360° rotatable

For an absolutely at ease observing you want so to use Each eyes. This may occasionally all the time help you Revel in your observing for
Appropriate for college, school and work
Take a look at them with Each eyes: Binokularer einblick
2 eyepieces with a big field of view
Center of attention with adjustment knob and millimetre scale
XY stage with Vernier Scale and adjustment knob in 2 axes

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