Childs 3mm CIC Titanium Shortie wetsuit


Titanium laminated lining – helps reflect body heat back giving extra warmth
Sturdy back zip fastening with robust long leash pull
all seams double stitched

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The CIC shortie from TWF. options quality 3mm UV50 Titanium laminated soft and supple neoprene the suit is heat, protecting, comfy and facilitating most movement – nice for kids at the go! When fitting youngsters, age on any size chart is a guide handiest. At all times go by the real measurements and dont be tempted to permit slightly room for expansion. At all times use a material tape measure. For a shortie wetsuit the body period is the important thing measurement as you might be fitting the torso. Please measure your kid correctly and soak up to account both the body period and the chest – particularly if your kid is greater, smaller, stockier or slimmer than average for his or her age. The body period is measured from middle of throat, straight down the front of the body, to only between the legs (where seams cross mid crotch on a couple of trousers as an example). If in any doubt, we are very happy to offer advice . Our wetsuits have been chosen because they offer a really perfect have compatibility at the majority of kids IF the measurements are accurate – there’ll At all times be exceptions! If your kid is tall and narrow – the chances are that to suit the body period the chest is also loose – there’s no manner around this. Likewise if your kid is of a shorter , stockier build – to get the chest to suit they’ll smartly have a suit that may be moderately longer than they want. Comfort is the important thing . While a suit will have to be cosy it needs to be wearable.
Titanium laminated lining – is helping mirror body {heatth} back giving additional {heatth}
Robust back zip fastening with powerful long leash pull
all seams double stitched
Final UV protection
Quality 3/2mm neoprene , super versatile and soft enabling a comfort have compatibility on a variety of body shapes/sizes

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