NASHONE Snorkeling Mask Full Face 180 Degree Seaview Easybreath Snorkel Mask for Adults and Youth, The 3rd Generation Foldable Diving Mask with Reliable Anti-Fog and Anti-Leak Technology


Full Face Snorkel Mask: Compared with the 1st and 2nd generation snorkel masks, NASHONE’s 3rd generation snorkel mask adopts a lightweight design and provides superior waterproof and anti-fog performance. 180 degrees view full face design and flat lens brings you a more realistic sea view.
Easybreath and Anti-fog: The innovative 3-in-1 breathing tube, with 50% more air intake than the traditional breathing channel, which can better meet the oxygen demand of snorkeling or swimming with high physical exertion. Inhaling and exhaling separate channels structure avoids air mixture and fogging issues.
High Quality Material: This full face snorkel mask adopts quality anti-allergic silicone material, shatterproof polycarbonate lens and adjustable elastic strap. NASHONE’s 3rd generation snorkeling mask strives for perfection in every detail.

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Complete Face Snorkel Masks: In comparison with the first and 2d technology snorkel mask, NASHONE’s third technology snorkel Masks adopts a light-weight design and offers awesome Water-resistant and anti-fog efficiency. 180 levels view Complete face design and flat lens brings you a extra practical sea view.
Easybreath and Anti-fog: The leading edge 3-in-1 respiring tube, with 50% extra air consumption than the normal respiring channel, which is able to higher meet the oxygen call for of snorkeling or swimming with Prime bodily exertion. Breathing in and exhaling separate channels construction avoids air combination and fogging problems.
Prime High quality Subject matter: This Complete face snorkel Masks adopts High quality anti-allergic silicone Subject matter, shatterproof polycarbonate lens and adjustable elastic strap. NASHONE’s third technology snorkeling Masks strives for perfection in each and every detail.
Water-resistant Era: While the respiring tube is submerged in water, the floating ball will drift up and block the Breathing in tube to stop water from coming into. if water come what may enters the Masks, it is going to be held in a chamber away out of your mouth and nostril and simply carry your head out of the water, the water on the bottom of the chin space will probably be tired out.
Folding Design and Action Digicam Mount: Folding the tube through lightly pushing a button, simple to hold with the hooked up drawstring bag. You’ll be able to simply connect your Gopro Digicam to report the ones memorable moments at the same time as taking part in snorkeling.

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