Supertrip Snorkel Set Scuba Diving Mask Snorkeling Goggles Dry Top Snorkel With Anti-Fog Film Anti-Leak Design Panoramic Wide View For Adults And Youth


The Snorkel Set is made of tempered glass lenses, high quality pvc snorkel mask and dry snorkel. The skirt of scuba snorkeling/diving mask made of eco-friendly material won’t make your face allergic, and it’s easy to clean after use, without feeling uncomfortable.
The tempered glass of the snorkeling mask is covered with an ANTI-FOG FILM, which can fully absorb water vapor and PREVENT FOG from being generated in the lens. TEMPERED GLASS LENS is impact-resistant, which can protect your eyes.
The snorkel goggles featured one-piece lens provides 180 panoramic sea view, ideal for snorkeling swimming and scuba diving. The silicone skirt of diving mask creates a strong and comfortable seal to prevent water from penetrating the mask without hurting the face.


NOTE: keeping off the snorkel masks hit violently the water whilst soar into the water

Supertrip snorkel set makes snorkeling more secure, extra attention-grabbing and more straightforward.

snorkel and masks set:
Snorkel masks gives you a huge and transparent underwater imaginative and prescient.
Dry most sensible snorkel lets you breathe below water simply. Diving masks and Snorkel set is your perfect device for snorkeling.

The snorkeling masks is manufactured from tempered glass, which may give a transparent field of vision, and will withstand force have an effect on and have an effect on of different gadgets.

The skirt round snorkel goggles is made of cushty silicone, which is appropriate for the top form of most of the people and isn’t tight or free, offering most convenience.

Please blank the snorkel set with blank water after every use. Permit it air dry.

Package incorporated:

1 × Diving Mask
1 × Dry most sensible Snorkel
1 × Elevate Bag
1 × Instruction
1 × water-proof pouch
2 × earplug

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